Chief sommelier

Dom is a rather new project, but I can surely say that it is one-of- a-kind modern Russian cuisine restaurant in St. Petersburg, and I am proud to be a part of it almost since the very opening. My job has long become my lifestyle. When you are seriously interested in wine, food and service, your duties cease to be just a job, and the restaurant actually becomes home. We have carefully selected our collection of 400 wines from around the world for every taste and occasion. Probably that is why Dom is a favorite place for wine connoisseurs.

Pastry chef

My task in the restaurant is to create the most delicious desserts. I always do my best to make them perfect; after all, dessert is the final and most memorable note in the restaurant, so a great responsibility rests with me. The idea that a person has entrusted his or her celebration, meeting to us or has just come for a bright gastronomic experience keeps me busy, and the whole team sticks to this position. Perhaps this is the secret of Dom's success.


The name of the restaurant speaks for itself. Our guest, first and foremost, should feel at home, experience the warmth and emotions that he gets in his house, feel care and attention. Creating this very atmosphere is my part in our Dom. It may seem that this work is simple, but in fact, the manager performs a great number of tasks, which the restaurant staff successfully help to manage. We are all like one big family, and in any difficult situation we always give a helping hand to each other.


I’ve been a member of Dom team for a little more than six months, but now I can't imagine my life without my work and my dear colleagues. Everyone here works at their maximum, sometimes going beyond their duties. This creates a special mood and makes you feel supported even at the most difficult moments and go forward with new strength. I love working with guests of our city, many of whom already love Dom and when in St. Petersburg, first thing for them is to visit us. This is a great opportunity not only to contact the culture of other countries, but also to tell about our's.


Work in Dom charges me emotionally, I am very fond of talking to guests, finding out where they are from or, for example, where they have travelled. And on my part I can share my knowledge or show them a new drink, which subsequently can become a reason for another visit to Dom. I am responsible for creation of a bar and cocktail menus, and also in charge of the "homemade tinctures" section, which I'm very proud of, because making tinctures is my favorite activity, and I’m ready to do it even after work.

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